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Until now, thanks to a map on the web updated quarterly, it has sometimes been possible to find out where Tesla would like to open a supercharging station in the near future, but as an ordinary customer you are not able to to affect it directly. Lately, the company appears to be less open-hearted with its plan – but it has a Web poll begins on new Supercharger locations, In addition, Tesla now has an online survey that also records qualitative requests for electric car charging stations.

Tesla survey in many countries

You can’t find the new promotion from the Tesla homepage, and the official @TeslaCharging account on Twitter hasn’t revealed anything about it, but this week teslamag.de got it there a link And was invited to share it with readers. According to the information received on this, this survey is available in select European markets. Tesla wants to find out with him what the Supercharger experience is like for its own brand of electric cars and other customers.

The Tesla survey appears to be currently active in Germany, Great Britain and Spain, as participants were able to choose one of these three countries as their place of residence on the front page on Friday. They should also state what electric car they drive – Tesla offers a fairly long list, from the Addax MT-Series to the Xpeng P7, so they don’t show any reservations. Afterwards it’s about whether you’ve ever loaded up on a supercharger and what it was like. Tesla asks a number of detailed questions, such as sense of security, prices and other location requests.

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Wishlist for Electric Car Charging Points

In further questions, Tesla wants to know if anyone has already heard of it? Supercharger opening for foreign electric car brands Have you heard and what do you think about it? The company also asks what is most important in locations for fast charging. Here you can choose from points such as round-the-clock open toilets, lighting or telephone support, but also charging speed, affordable prices or variable tariffs – you should choose at least five. Finally, Tesla thanks you and you are redirected to the general data protection page. Participation in this regard does not seem difficult, as the survey asks about country, age group and optionally gender, but there is no longer any personal data.


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