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According to the configurator, anyone who orders a Tesla Model 3 in Germany today can only get it this year if they choose the top-performing version — the other two, according to the information, will be delivered next January at the earliest. Will go In China, however, the specified wait times for almost all variants of the Model 3 and Model Y have now been significantly reduced. And worldwide, the backlog of orders at Tesla has dropped by about 10 percent since the end of July to 457,000 electric cars.

Smallest Model Y in China in 1-4 weeks

For a week now, Tesla has been reporting delivery times in China as just 1-4 weeks for the smallest Model Y, which is now also available in Europe. CnEVPost reported on Wednesday, It’s still the smallest, but something has changed with the Model 3 and other variants as well. Chinese buyers will now have to wait 10-14 weeks for the Model Y Long Range (LR) and 6-10 weeks for the Performance variant instead of the previous 16-20 weeks, six less than before. The Model 3 is only available in China as a base and display. According to the configurator, the delivery time for both was reduced to 6 weeks, making it 12-16 weeks now.

On the one hand, it should be done with Tesla production increased again in China Related, but also with a decreasing number or at least a minimal increase in new orders. In late July, supervisor @TroyTeslike calculated the global order backlog at Tesla as 504,000 electric cars, more than ever before. At the end of August, however, it had only 457,000 Teslas ordered and yet to be delivered, the first drop since November 2021.

Orders that haven’t been processed yet correspond to 112 days of global Tesla production currently, @TroyTeslike continues to calculate. There were still 123 days at the end of July. This fits with the shorter wait times in China and also with the fact that in Germany, for example, the information in the configurator hasn’t changed recently: here Instead of waiting period in weeks, Tesla gives period of one month for the expected delivery. The given dates haven’t changed since at least August, but are now a few weeks closer.

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Tesla is said to be targeting a 42-day delivery time

A large backlog of orders is always reassuring for companies and their shareholders, but long waits can be annoying for customers — and when in doubt, they may choose a different product. Tesla seems to have responded with express delivery of the smallest Model Y in China, within a maximum of four weeks. According to @TroyTeslike, the general goal is a backlog of only 42 days or 6 weeks of Tesla production to make the buying experience more positive. For this, production will have to increase further or interest in ordering will have to drop more – but the trend is that you There’s a Longer and Longer Wait for TeslaLooks broken at first.


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