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In Australia and Great Britain, Tesla only provides electricity tariffs for customers with Powerwall batteries and photovoltaic systems, whose storage and generators are then partially centrally controlled. together in germany Nationwide Tesla Electricity with partner Octopus Energy from October 2021, but still without the use of client assets for general network purposes. However, it may soon follow: in Baden-Württemberg, where Tesla first introduced German electricity tariffs, integration is now being tested as well.

Tesla as Customer Electricity Aggregator

It was not Tesla that informed about the project on Wednesday, but Transnet BW, a subsidiary of energy group NBW and operator of the electricity transmission network in Baden-Württemberg. Transnet BW announced on Wednesday that power grid stabilization is being tested in field tests with a power wall “from US energy and mobility group Tesla.” The integration of “decentralized flexibility” should support the move away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

that Sounds like Tesla’s taste or mission, and in fact the company is involved in this project. According to Transnet BW, the charging cycles of power walls were evaluated in advance. In addition, Tesla is explicitly mentioned as an “aggregator” that creates interfaces between Powerwall and power customers with network operators in field tests. The Transnet therefore does not have access to individual systems, but absorbs the power bundled into the network by Tesla.

During an analysis of Powerwall charging cycles, “degrees of freedom for a temporarily flexible charge” were found over a few months, it is said in the message ahead. These can be used by network operators to stabilize them through intelligent control, without the owners accepting any loss.

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However, the power walls and almost always the capacity of solar systems are only partially used by participating customers: Tesla transfers the charging of home batteries to the Transnet, for example, in order to feed into the grid in the morning. To have more solar energy available. And the evening is still full as usual, a knowledgeable person told teslamag.de about the project. However, customer power walls will not be used to absorb electricity in the event of a network-wide surplus and distribute it when the network is in demand – this is not allowed in Germany. The situation is similar in Texas. there is A Tesla exec recently prompted for change,

Powerwall possible across Germany

The announcement did not specify how many Tesla customers in Baden-Württemberg are participating in the project – only their number is “limited”. It was heard that the total Powerwall capacity was “apparently in the megawatt hour range”. The group of participants is not limited to customers with Tesla electricity tariffs, it said, only the technical requirements have to be right. The trial started in May and is already bringing remarkable relief to the network operator in a few days. Tesla is also interested in expanding the model with Powerwall homes across Germany, just like earlier electricity tariffs. By and large, it will still be a question of how one’s own customers can share in the financial benefits they generate for the grid partner if it requires less fossil peak load power.

According to its own information, Transnet BW intends to draw the first conclusions from the project by the end of the year, and in the long term, develop a standardized mechanism for cooperation between consumers and network operators.

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