That’s right: New Windows function slashes energy consumption

That's right: New Windows function slashes energy consumption

Task Manager is often used to shoot crashing programs. In the future, however, more users may use on-board tools to slow down resource-hungry programs. All you have to do is call up the task manager and choose one of the running programs from the list.

Then all you have to do is click on the new “Efficiency Mode” button. Alternatively, the new economy mode is also displayed via the context menu. You can also start it with right click. Windows again explicitly asks if you want to activate Efficiency Mode for the selected program.

All you need to do is confirm it with “OK” and then Windows will send the program into economy mode. In Task Manager itself, slow-moving programs are decorated with a green leaf icon. Technically, Task Manager gives low priority to selected programs. This frees up computing power for other programs.

Important: Windows core processes required for smooth operation cannot be switched to efficiency mode. Furthermore, the save program only works for individual processes and not entire process groups.

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