That’s why Musk thinks a range of 1,000 km is unnecessary

That's why Musk thinks a range of 1,000 km is unnecessary

Lucid’s electric sedan Air was launched this year and according to the manufacturer, should offer a range of 1,000 kms. Some Chinese carmakers are also working on electric cars with a range of 1,000 km and want to allay the fear of range. Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk thinks so high grade for unnecessary, In 2021, the Model S Plaid+ could be produced with a 600-mile range, which did not.

Musk believes a range of more than 400 miles requires a lot of compromise

According to Elon Musk, 99.9 percent of the time you’ll be carrying a lot of weight, outrageous acceleration, handling, and efficiency with you. As a result, Tesla will be with one for some time. Maximum range of approx 650 kms, Ultimately, there’s more to it than most users anyway, Musk believes. German carmaker BMW recently argued in the same direction. According to the Munich car manufacturer 600 km range is enough, because according to David Ferrufino, head of the BMW i4 project, charging time is even more important than range. Apart from fast charging with DC current, every e-car can also be easily charged with AC current for several hours at a time. charge wall box,

“We’ve found that with a range over 644 kilometers (the equivalent of 400 miles), even more range doesn’t really matter. There’s almost no trip longer than 644 kilometers (400 miles) that the driver doesn’t plan for. Anyway, toilets, food, coffee etc should be closed.” – Elon Musk, head of Tesla Motors.

Mercedes-Benz, Opel, VW will soon be able to travel over 700 kms with e-cars

The situation is different in Mercedes-Benz. The top model EQS, which costs over 100,000 Euros, offers a range of 770 kms in the form of 450+ according to the WLTP measurement cycle. You can also get there on the German Autobahn Over 630 kms per battery charge in summer, Only in winter temperatures does the Mercedes EQS have a range of about 450 km because the Swabians have done away with a heat pump and thus a lot of electricity is spent heating the interior of an electric car over five meters long. The all-electric S-Class has been available since last year.

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However, such a long range will soon not be reserved only for expensive cars from premium brands. From the coming year 2023, Stelantis Group intends to launch the first electric cars on the STLA Medium and STLA Large platforms. 700 and 800 kms. provide a boundary between Needed. The one available from 2025 will be used for this purpose new version of opel manta According to Opel CEO Uwe Hochschartz, the Count, but which will not be a two-door coupe, but a contemporary reinterpretation with plenty of space, as the brand’s top model.

From 2026, competitor VW will want to follow suit with the all-electric Trinity (project title) and then also offer a flagship model with a range of over 700 kilometers, as stated by head of technology development Thomas Ulbricht in a media round. was disclosed. 3 March 2022. In order not to produce too many battery cells from scratch, which is expensive and resource-consuming, VW and Stellantis rely on recycling old lithium-ion batteries and – in the future – solid-state batteries. VW and Stellantis are currently developing electric cars with affordable LFP batteries for affordable small cars under 20,000 euros, so that these electric cars are capable of traveling more than 400 kilometres.

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Collection of e-cars with a range of over 650 kms:

  • Tesla boss Elon Musk considers electric cars with a range of more than 650 kilometers unnecessary because in 99.9 percent of cases they don’t go 400 miles (about 644 kilometers) without brakes.
  • According to Musk, anything above a 400-mile range only results in a heavy battery and unnecessary weight, which has negative effects on acceleration, handling and efficiency.
  • With the Trinity reinterpreted as the Manta and VW, Opel is looking to offer a range of over 700 km from 2025 (Opel) or 2026 (VW) with the two top models.
  • Since last year, the premium manufacturer has been offering the Mercedes-Benz EQS, which costs over 100,000 euros and has a range of 770 kilometers according to the WLTP measurement cycle. In the summer, tests on the German Autobahn covered a distance of more than 630 kilometers.
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