The 30 percent mark in the efficiency of solar cells is broken

The 30 percent mark in the efficiency of solar cells is broken

a research team from Eindhoven University of Technology There are solar cells with an efficiency of 30.1% advanced. They were able to set a new record for tandem solar cell establish.

they are included silicone And perovskite, Conventional solar cells are primarily made of silicon. However, the combination with perovskite is attractive because it requires significantly less energy to produce. Perovskite cells can be manufactured at room temperature, a higher temperature required for silicon cells.

stacked cell

Such tandem solar cells are stacked on top of each other. convert perovskite cells ultraviolet And visible light are in energy and for light infrared range particularly permeable. They form the upper part of the solar cell and are 3×3 mm Big. your efficiency has increased 19.7 percent increased, researchers write in their study,

To further increase efficiency, the researchers developed perovskite solar cells that are transparent enough to let through 93 percent of near-infrared light. Desire 20×20 mm converted into large silicon cells. Here you can see the efficiency 10.4 percent to increase.

record in tandem cells

The combination of the two eventually leads to a record 30.1 percent. The past efficiency of such a solar cell is generally 22 to 25 percent, In 2021, researchers in the laboratory were already able to achieve the efficiency of tandem cells 29.52 percent the access (more here,

Researchers have already been able to achieve higher efficiency with other designs for solar cells. In this way, American researchers were able to semiconductor solar cell efficiency of 40 percent get in the lab (Futurezone reported,

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