The absence of technology can be a barrier to cannabis plantation in Brazil

The absence of technology can be a barrier to cannabis plantation in Brazil

Brazil has good land, a favorable climate and land for hemp planting, however, apart from the issue of regulation, there is another obstacle: the lack of adequate technologies for such production.

Service Folha DS Paulo newspaper, Sergio Barbosa, researcher and founder of the startup ADWA Cannabis, says that “there is a tendency to import production models that are already being executed in other countries” and this happens, mainly in the emergence of a new culture with.

The researcher says that Brazil is lagging behind in the cannabis market, as the United States, Canada and Europe have further developed technologies to deal with planting, harvesting and post-harvesting machines.

In partnership with Fico University of Viacosa (UFV) based on the Department of Fintechs and the Brazilian Study Group on Cannabis Sativa L., the startup quantified the areas with the best aptitude for marijuana, and did so by dividing. Between fiber, flowers and seed production.

According to the study, about 7.5 million square kilometers of area in Brazil is available for growing cannabis.

The sub proposal states that Embrapa regulates the planting of medical cannabis

Federal Deputy Ronaldo Santini (PTB-RS) proposed, in a letter sent to President Jair Bolsonaro (No Party), that Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) is responsible for the production of marijuana for medical purposes.

Santini recognized the importance of cannabis for medicinal purposes, but made a point of strengthening its position against recreational use.

“If it is so important that we produce marijuana to extract cannabidiol and reduce the pain of those who need this medicine, then it is cheaper and more accessible; If we are afraid that the country will lose control (in relation to entertainment), which we combed appropriately, (this would be one way) to fulfill the wishes of those who expect medicine and who fear that Marijuana production will become. There is a problem for our country, ”the MP said.

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