The Autonomous Experience: A Video Shows How a Car Without a Driver Goes Around in New York for 40 Minutes

The Autonomous Experience: A Video Shows How a Car Without a Driver Goes Around in New York for 40 Minutes

Autonomous car moves like this in New York

technologies of autonomous driving At 100 percent it’s still in the development stage, but progress is becoming more powerful in the case of driverless cars and the horizon, at least in the most developed countries, bodes well.

A company specializing in running support systems is called Mobileye, Successfully completed three tests with a self-driving car in New York, famous – among other things, of course – for its dense vehicular and foot traffic during most of the day.

Mobileye, the Israeli-origin company and related to the giant Intel, showed A video of about forty minutes of uninterrupted movement (This has not been edited to reflect transparency in the testing process) Aboard a vehicle equipped with “Full Full” autonomous driving technology. You can see it by clicking on the image above.

The above firm acknowledged that it is very satisfied with the test conducted, as it was done in the context of diverse scenarios and high density of vehicles. “If an autonomous car can circulate without problems in New York, it can do it anywhere”, they assure.

There were three Tests, two of which were day time and one night. In all cases, the vehicle was equipped with Mobileye’s autonomous technology, which is basically made of A LiDAR radar, mapping subsystem, various cameras around the vehicle and a computer as the central brain.

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The car coexisted during the test with taxis, buses, horse-drawn cars, cyclists and pedestrians. In the journey Fifteen tunnels, twenty one bridges and dozens of narrow streets were to be crossed, made of low posts and concourses, a challenge for systems that analyze the environment and accelerate, brake or turn from there.

“It’s a really big headache to try here in New York City.”Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua said in a press conference. And he listed a variety of driving challenges in the country’s most populous city, including light pollution at night, aggressive driving by drivers, double-parking cars and ignoring traffic rules.

Shashua said the ability to navigate city streets was An important step towards commercialization of autonomous vehicles They can handle a variety of driving environments. Mobileye had obtained a test permit from New York State after providing officials with all data from autonomous driving programs the company had previously launched in other cities.


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