The B Biden campaign provides animal crossing yard signs

The B Biden campaign provides animal crossing yard signs

It has been a long summer on your Animal Crossing Island. You have shaken a lot of trees and caught a lot of cicadas. You have cornered the stalk market with more turnips than anyone has possible. You’ve bought more furniture from Knox than your house holds.

But only B Diden’s campaign thinks it’s reminiscent of real-world news: a virtual campaign icon for your virtual yard.

The campaign said it had made four signs available on the platform on Tuesday, marking the start of the day in the Nintendo Switch game. One symbol bears the Biden-Harris logo; Others say “Team J” and “J” with “E” presented in a proud color. The fourth Mr. Biden’s signature aircraft has a stylized image of sunglasses.

This is not the first time a political campaign has tried to make a popular video game. But this could be the first attempt to cut wood, catch a bug and buy kitchen appliances from a raccoon.

President Trump’s campaign rejected the stunt. “All this explains: JB Biden thinks he’s campaigning for the president of Animal Crossing from his basement,” Samantha Zagre, the campaign’s deputy national press secretary, said in an email.

“The Trump campaign will continue to spend its resources in the real world campaign with real Americans,” he said. “And there is no biden yet Boat parade

Christian Tom, director of digital partnerships for the Biden-Harris campaign, said Animal Crossing is a dynamic, diverse and powerful platform that brings communities around the world together. He called it an exciting new opportunity for our campaign to join supporters, “as they build and decorate their island.”

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“We are already looking forward to planning more digital swags, voter education tools and efforts on animal crossings and other platforms.”

So far, it looks like no one has found Dodo Airlines code to fly to Campaign Island (it doesn’t have an island), which is fine. The game slows down when more than a few visitors commute.

Biden-Harris said in the campaign that he would present hints with some gamer influencers who would share their gameplay with their audience. Players can download the QR code on the mobile device and the hints through the Nintendo Switch app online app.

Animal Crossing, an eccentric life-simulation game Coronavirus became an event on the switch during the epidemic, Around 2001. In August, Nintendo reported More than 22 million sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Making it the most popular version of the game yet. Its players are essentially the rulers of their own world, customizing the landscape by changing it, their homes and other villagers as they see fit (or as much as they are allowed by the rules). Tom Nook, Who borrows and charges heavy construction fees).

The appeal of the game is seldom adorned with cute, catchphrase-spotting animals and a variety of fashions as well as the constant cheerful illusion that something is not moving, no reason to rush, no crisis, no news.

Political messages are not new in this version of the game, which was released on March 20, 20 days after the epidemic was declared.

Meanwhile Protests in Hong Kong earlier this year, Activists went to their animal crossing islands Share virtual slogans. People for the ethical treatment of animals in the month of May Opposed a fish museum In the game. More recently, activists at Black Lives Matter have used it to raise awareness, including demonstrations in the game. The Guardian reports.

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Nintendo did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday.

Not all political efforts to appeal to gamers have been good. Mobile Pokemon Go game was at its peak of popularity in 2016 Hillary Clinton was mocked “Pokemon go to the polls!” To urge people to rally

In 2007 and 2008, Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaigns, Barack Obama, John Edwards and John McCain are engaged with players from the virtual online virtual world, Second Life. But not much is known about whether those efforts have been successful, said Daniel Kraes, a professor of political communications at Chapel Hill University of North Carolina.

With fewer television viewers, “the traditional 30-second ad pitch is much less consistent than before.” Dennis Plane, Professor of Politics at Penn Huntington’s Junior C College Ledge, especially when advertising can be easily skipped.

“Campaigns in video games are a bit weird because they target a small market, but people can vote at the age of 18,” he added. Is. Voters with the same party for their entire lives. “

Professor Plane said the rollout of the Virtual L Signs campaign at Animal Crossing probably won’t move many people, but it could create excitement and excitement among gamers and their friends who support Biden, Professor Plane said.

“In the coronavirus era when you can’t knock on doors very easily, it’s a new technology, a new trick.” “We don’t know if it will work; The proof will be in the puddle. ”

According to Elena Bertozi, A professor of game design and development at Quinnipiac University, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released in this new environment where everyone lived at home and played games, “and its audience” included many unconventional gamers. “

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“Animal Crossing is a pro-social game where players write letters to each other and interact in a way that builds a community.” “It’s a good cultural match for Biden’s message.”

“When you know that the demographic position you’re trying to reach all play a certain game,” he said, “leaving your message in that game can be a smart tactical move.”


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