The big update for WhatsApp Groups is here

The big update for WhatsApp Groups is here

announced in April WhatsAppTo work on a new “community” feature in your app. This should allow users many groups To put “under one umbrella”. According to WhatsApp Mother Meta, the update should now be in country first be rolled out.

Already many whatsapp updates

Meta has already published some WhatsApp updates in recent months: for example, group size Video calls can be made with 32 people at the same time, doubling up to 512 people. The size limit for shared files has also been increased to 2 gigabytes.

Groups can now be left without other group members being seen and the time period for deleting messages has been increased to 2 days. Not to mention the long-awaited ones reaction emojiWhich can now be attached to any message.

What are “communities”?

“Communities” allows users to manage multiple groups under one parent tab to sort out. Anyone who can already use the function can do so max 10 groups Build in a “community”. For example, there is a “School” community with groups like “Homework”, “Parents’ Evening”, “School Trip”, etc. Community Administrators Get Even More Correct and delete messages or send notification to everyone.

Communities look something like this.

Communities would look like this or something.

Community feature has been implemented in WhatsApp new column Displayed – at the location where the camera symbol is currently located. According to Meta, all messages sent must be end-to-end encrypted in the community area.

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