The California Department of Vehicles is suing Tesla

The California Department of Vehicles is suing Tesla

California’s DMV has accused electric car maker Tesla of misleading consumers about the Autopilot system in its vehicles.

As the “Los Angeles Times” reported on Friday, so authority filed a lawsuit against tech billionaire Elon Musk’s company. According to the report, Tesla made statements in its advertising that were “false or misleading and not based on fact”.

The authority accused Tesla of offering its driver assistance systems better than they really are. To date, Tesla cars have not acted “as autonomous vehicles,” the authority complained.

According to the report, the success of the lawsuit could have dire consequences for the company – up to and including the revocation of licenses that allow Tesla to manufacture and sell its cars in California. According to the “Los Angeles Times,” the authority only wants to use the lawsuit to ensure that the carmaker has to provide more detailed information to its customers.

Tesla boss Musk said in June how important self-driving cars are to his company. Without Autopilot, Tesla’s value “goes to zero”.

In the past, accidents involving Teslas with Autopilot frequently made headlines. Autopilot-controlled Teslas were involved in 273 accidents in the United States within a year, according to an NHTSA report released in June.

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