The creator of Celeste showed that the protagonist is honestly trans

In a prequel to Celeste, Maddie Thorse revealed that the protagonist of the game is Mad Dalin Trans, and that gender identity was a big part of his own complex journey.

Chapter 9: Since the beginning of Celeste’s departure, the players have made an ink that his main character Mad Dalin can, in fact, be considered a trans character. There are many hints in the character’s narrative that color him as “unbeatable”: insecurity in his body, ambiguity, dealing with a “darker self”. However, the subject of this discussion has never been raised for a concrete answer… that is, the creator of Celeste himself confirmed that the medallion is indeed trans.

It was in the last hours of November 5, 2020, on the medium that the perfect sports lead and Celest Creator Maddie Thorson Confirmation of Maeline Dalin’s trans identity. Maddie clarifies that it didn’t start the way it needed to. The non-binary, Thurs explained to himself that the medline was written at a time when he was experiencing his own disorganized journey of racial identity.

“During Celeste’s development, I didn’t know if Madeleine or myself was a trance,” Thorsen wrote. “Farewell D.L.C. During the development of Na, I started making an art. After development, now I know we are both. “

Celestine’s travels have provided evidence reminiscent of the many difficult journeys of sexual identity for people, and she has answered many questions recently.
Celestine’s travels provided evidence reminiscent of the often difficult journey in gender identity, and gave many answers for a short time from its underlying purpose.

In the post, Thorson describes the logic by which the matter became honest, as well as the reasons why they did not state it clearly. Although Mad Dalin is a fictional character, Thorson considers his experience very real. They just didn’t want to say it clearly because they felt it would be “coming out for someone else”, something that would seem wrong at the time.

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“We understand that our silence on this has hurt some fans since Farewell’s release,” Thorson continued. “And I’m sorry for that. It’s wrapped up in my personal gender identity and it’s messy! I didn’t know the words yet. ”

After his apology, in the article, Thorson follows with a very clear explanation as no one is entitled to know why the nature of Madeleine’s transcendence is not.

And that is a real issue for many people to come to terms with their real gender identity. While it may be important for many people, there is an open issue to push it or people to be entitled to such things about the statistics they choose. Mad Dalin is certainly much more than gender identity as a character. And indeed, most trans people are much more than that.

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With so many questions left in the air it’s cool to know that Madeline is really a trans character thoughtfully written from the heart and mind of a trans person, but that’s okay even if we didn’t know. We will still love him. And if you haven’t checked Celeste. Its DLC, or our review of the game, you really can find out why.

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