The government hides information about the vaccination scheme, it is the subject of “

The government hides information about the vaccination scheme, it is the subject of

With this shield, it is impossible to know, for example, which officials are involved in the creation and operation of the website or if the federal government has hired a private company to operate it. The site had a series of successive failures since its inception and the first days of registering older adults to vaccinate against Kovid-19 were chaotic.

This may be of interest to you: In 3 months in Mexico, vaccination against Kovid is completed in only 1% of the population.

Nor have vaccine supply contracts been signed with pharmaceutical companies and other governments. The federal government has protected the agreements, arguing that disseminating them would result in all kinds of damages from a breach of the secrecy clause relating to national security.

To justify the classification as a “matter of national security”, the National Security Council applied the concepts established in Article 3 of the National Security Law, the protection of national sovereignty, the protection of the country against threats and the maintenance of constitutional order.

Article 113 of the Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information indicates that information that compromises national security, public safety, or national defense can be classified as reserved information. Article 4 of this law also states that public information may be temporarily reserved for reasons of national security.

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