The hive homeshield is a smart security system for your home

The hive homeshield is a smart security system for your home

(Pocket Lint) – Hive has announced HomeShield, a subscription offering fur designed to connect your hive devices to create a custom security system for your home.

Instead of including all the hardware you need, HomeShield has that hardware already on you – or plans to expand it in the future. What HomeShield actually supplies is an umbrella service that connects everything together, so all your devices work in sync as a system rather than a collection of individual devices.

HomeShield will offer three modes – Home, Away and Sleep – so you can set up the system to respond the way you want, available for everyone to customize. You will receive notifications on your phone, the Hive app, via SMS or phone call, so that you will be alerted to any untoward incident.

The system will allow you to use the existing hive indoor or outdoor camera, sensor or new hive siren and keypad in one system, so instead of going through each different component and enabling it, you can do it all in one place, what happened together Interface to see what’s going on.

The other thing you are getting for your money is the extra storage online storage. While Hive Camera offers 24-hour storage online storage as standard (and at no extra cost), HomeShield gives you 30 days’ access to a camera at no cost, so if something happens, you have time to watch, download, and save video. You need

The system is designed to accommodate the whole family, with the keypad allowing the system to be easily armed or disarmed, while it can also be controlled by Alexa and Google Assistant. The new siren will provide a visible and aud double barrier to your exterior just like a traditional alarm.

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The HomeShield costs 99 9.99 a month, but you’ll have to pay more for the hardware like cameras and sensors you want to include – and it’s worth noting that the cost gives you 1 month of online storage for a camera, it increases There are 99 11.99 for two cameras and three for cameras. 15.99.

The system – and all hardware – is now available.

Written by Chris Hall.


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