The launch of iOS 14.5 can directly affect Facebook. User consent will be required to track the activity

  The launch of iOS 14.5 can directly affect Facebook.  User consent will be required to track the activity

Apple has confirmed that we are just a few days away from the arrival of a massive mobile software upgrade in the form of iOS 14.5, which was anticipated a few months ago and could dramatically reshuffle the business of companies like Facebook. That is, companies that rely heavily on user tracking, a practice that should abruptly reduce this new software upgrade.

According to Apple, all application developers should start following the transparency of Apple’s application tracking framework, which will begin on Monday, April 26. This framework requires developers to obtain explicit permission from users to track their application activity. IOS 14.5 release date may be the latest on Monday or Tuesday.

In an update by Apple’s app developers released this week, the iPhone maker clarified that these changes are finally happening on Monday. “When submitting an application for review, any other form of tracking – for example, by name or email address – must be reported in the App Store’s Privacy Information section of the product page and performed only when approved by AppTrackingTransparency Permission is granted. According to the App Store 5.1.2 Review Guide, the request must also include several purposes to explain why the user is being tracked. “These requirements apply to all applications from 26 April 2021 Are. “In this campaign, many leading newspapers were running full-page advertisements against Facebook such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a podcast by Cara Swisher that” it is up to the user to see whether or not Gives the option to see. And I think it’s hard to argue against that. “

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