The most popular brand in Latvia is “Maxima”; Google has become a leader in the Baltics – in Latvia

  The most popular brand in Latvia is

A study conducted by Kantar Amor this year across all three Baltic countries shows that the top five most popular brands in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are Google, YouTube, Swedbank, Maxima and Facebook. The last survey of the most popular brands in the Baltic states was done two years ago, when the top five were made from the same brand only in a different order.

In Latvia, retail brand Maxima has taken the leading position, first occupying third place, while Swedbank is still in second place, and Apple is in third place, taking ninth place in 2019.

In Lithuania, due to the increasing attractiveness of the brand among the elderly, Google has become a leader. The Lidl retail chain, which has ousted former retail flagship Maxima, can still take pride in its strong position. In third place is YouTube, which has overtaken the leader of the previous ranking table “Facebook”.

Google has taken the lead in the Baltics, which was ranked fourth two years ago, but has now improved its position in all three Baltic countries. Maxima, formerly the leader, has swapped places with Google and is now in fourth place, mainly due to the decline in Estonia. While Maxima is far from the leaders in Estonia, a slight decline has been experienced in Lithuania.

YouTube, Swedbank and Facebook have maintained a stable position in the overall Baltic picture, ranking second, third and fifth respectively. The top three of this year’s most popular brands – Google, YouTube, Swedbank – also figure in the ten most attractive brands separately in all three countries.

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To find out the most popular brands, we asked respondents to choose up to five most popular brands from a list provided. The choice was to be made between around 160-180 brand names and logos. The study was conducted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania among populations aged 15–74. The sample surveyed included at least 1,000 people in each country. This survey was conducted in May 2021.


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