The new Android will be more colorful and unique than ever

The new Android will be more colorful and unique than ever

After several years, this time the look of the Android system will be completely refreshed. It may be more customizable and colorful than ever before, but Google has also focused on security.

The last time the world’s most popular smartphone system was changed was as big as 2014. At the time, Google not only redesigned Android’s look with the introduction of Material Design, but also gave these guidelines to make most of the company’s applications and services a graphical language, which at first seemed much more fragmented, more uniform.

Google goes further in this direction, and its new external name is MaterialU. It predicts that the simplicity and clarity of the past will be maintained, but everything will be fully customizable, so that the phone can be customized even more to the user’s taste.

Source: Google

One of the most important parts of this is that if we want, Android can be more colorful than before. For most users, one of the most important things after purchasing the device is to change the wallpaper, and Android 12 will be able to identify its main colors and adjust the colors used in the system accordingly.

And it’s not really just one or two things becoming different colors, but most elements of the system will be able to match the colors of the wallpaper, whether it’s a notification interface or a widget available by default. But of course it is not compulsory to adapt to wallpaper, there will also be individually selectable color schemes, so really everyone will get it right for them.

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Source: Google

Generally, most interface elements are rounded and most buttons are modified. The notification interface will also be redesigned, and there will be less visibility from the quick switches you can pull, only the most important things that are used more regularly. In addition, the increasingly popular Google Pay payment solution at home, as well as the management of smart home-related systems, will be integrated here.

Google is giving an increasingly important role to the assistant, which can now be called immediately with a long press of the power button.

The animation will be completely redesigned to better adapt it to the action and to be faster than ever in the right places. The speed itself can be helped by the fact that the system promises to be able to run up to 22% less CPU (which can also be good for battery life) and to use stronger processor cores rather than energy-saving cores For 15% less time (especially)

Source: Google

This time, Google places great emphasis on data security and privacy. A full privacy center will be included, where you will be able to see in detail what permissions the various applications have requested and what they can access inside your phone, and if you like something, you can turn it off immediately. Huh.

Perhaps more importantly, an icon will immediately appear in the notification bar indicating that an app is using a camera or microphone (possibly both at the same time), and if it can appear in that app Where we don’t want it to be a whole, then it becomes easy to deactivate it as well.

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Source: Google

In addition, Android 12 will not automatically share our precise location data with apps unless absolutely necessary. It is possible that some services do not require a completely accurate location, this is sufficient for the region (for example, the city), we can get an accurate picture of the weather based on it.

Android 12 is expected to be released in early fall and, as always, will be available for the first time on Google’s own Pixel-branded phones. The company expects the new version to be adopted by various manufacturers as soon as possible, but how much and when we will experience the aforementioned (mainly graphic) innovations is still questionable, as most large manufacturers still like to draw their surface. We do. For android.


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