The new Microsoft Outlook will be able to do this

The new Microsoft Outlook will be able to do this

Microsoft long time working on his new Outlookapplication. A few days ago, the software company switched to the first trial version free, Microsoft announced the first on Wednesday Outlook For the new features of your new Outlook client, which is visually based on the Outlook Web version.

about the customer Microsoft’s Loop Integrate that enables collaboration across multiple applications.


Also new is that files stored in the cloud can be , Also the name of the file can be attached to the mail. A list of matching files is also displayed.

to-do list

Microsoft also has something Calendar and To-Do Function added. For example, e-mail can be pinned to the top of the inbox. Mail can also be dragged to the to-do list. In addition, the time for processing can be set in the calendar.

new calendar view

A new calendar view can also display to-do lists, notes, and other information with the calendar.

New Outlook Client Considered “Match” And “Almanac” in Windows 10 and 11 Change according to Microsoft and still under development. So many new functions are not yet available. At the moment, the trial version can only be tried with company and school addresses.

More details about the new Outlook will likely be revealed at the Microsoft Developer Conference as well. construction Will be revealed, which will happen next week.

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