The newly redesigned Firefox is the result of extensive research

The newly redesigned Firefox is the result of extensive research

With the tab selected now stands out from the toolbar and other tabs

newer version (89) Firefox was released a few days back by Mozilla, which comes with several design changes, with the biggest difference being the tabs.

Firefox tabs are now enlarged, with the selected tab being completely separate from the toolbar, whereas unlike other browsers such as Chrome or Safari, the selected tab appears to be part of the toolbar.

According to Mozilla, this change was made to encourage its viewers to migrate to the series of open web pages. “We’ve removed tabs from the toolbar to move, rearrange, and drag tabs into new windows to fit your operating system. and organize them so you can find them more easilythe company said through him blog Why?

Of course, the design changes weren’t just left in tabs, as the icons were hidden in the toolbar and are now “empty” and provide a cleaner look. Finally, there was a change to the menu, which was simplified and now it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.

The company clarifies that for the new version of its browser it has relied on a series of usage statistics that it has collected from desktop versions of Firefox. In just one month, Mozilla’s figures show that there were 17 billion clicks on its browser worldwide, with 43% of the tab bars and users opening as many tabs as they wanted. 33% of clicks are directed to the address bar as expected where the user enters the address and selects one of the available Return or Refresh keys. Finally, only 5% use bookmarks, indicating that the contextual function no longer excites the latest generations.

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