The news of WhatsApp that will upset millions of users! The app will not work on these phones from November 1

WhatsApp is discontinuing support for phones that are out of date and no longer receiving updates. According to the published list; Dozens of phone models will no longer run the app as of November 1.

Phone models that can’t use WhatsApp

Apple Although it is one of the companies that supports its users the most when it comes to update support, it tends to withdraw support from its older phones. Updates for the iPhone 5 series were discontinued years ago. Now they will not be able to use WhatsApp.

The phone models that will not be able to use WhatsApp from November 1 are as follows:


iPhone SE;

iPhone 6s;

iPhone 6s Plus.


Galaxy Trend Lite;

Galaxy Trend II;

Galaxy SII;

Galaxy S3 Mini;

Galaxy Xcover 2;

Galaxy Core;

Galaxy Ace 2.


Lucid 2;

Optimus F7;

Optimus F5;

Optimus L3 II Dual;

Optimus F5;

Optimus L5;

Best L5 2

Optimus L5 Dual;

Best L3 2;

Optimus L7;

Optimus L7 II Dual;

Best L7 2;

Optimus F6 Act;

Optimus L4 II Dual;

Optimus F3;

Best L4 2;

Best L2 2;

Optimus Nitro HD? 4X HD;

Optimus F3Q.


Grand S Flex;


Grand X Quad V987;

Big memo.


Ascend G740;

climbing buddy;

Ascend D Quad XL;

Ascend D1 Quad XL;

P1S Ascend;

Ascend D2.


Sony Xperia Miro;

Sony Xperia Neo L;

Xperia Arc S.


Alcatel One Touch Evo 7;

Archos 53 Platinum;

HTC Desire 500;

Caterpillar Cat B15;

Vico Sync Five;

Vico Darknight;

Lenovo A820;


Faea F1;

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