The ocean gave rise to a “nightmare” … a creature classified as “the ugliest and closest to science fiction” (video and photos)

The ocean gave rise to a

A special scientific journal unveiled the story of the discovery of a strange sea creature that confirmed that it is close to “science fiction stories” due to its frightening shape and thrilling details.

In 1833, a strange fish, spherical in shape, washed up to the coast of Greenland, where it attracted the attention of the people of the area, which led teams of scientists to research centers in Denmark for the purpose of studying it and on this strange species Throw light.

Scientists have called this fish “oval”, because of its oval shape, or “Himantophus granlandicus”.
Biologist Ted Bisach confirmed in his book, “Oceanic Anglerfish”, that this fish was the first fishery fish discovered in the world, after which he discovered several species.

Despite the discovery of about 170 new species of this fish belonging to 12 different families, all living in the deep sea, McKenzie Gerringer is a professor of biology at New York State University “Genesio” in New York, a deep-sea fish Specializes in following. The “Live Science” magazine “Specialized Science” confirmed that some of these fish could take on frightening and terrible forms, causing panic among many fishermen, as it was called a “shaker with curly teeth in shape” as it Is close to science. Fiction films compared to reality.

Scientists called this fish a “fisherman” because of its unique way of hunting other organisms, because this fish shines in a unique and very exciting way in the depths, where the major part of it takes the form of a fishing rod. Hai is illuminated while it hides its body in the darkness of the depths. It attracts other animals, who hunt between their fearsome prickly teeth.

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