Home Tech The poll is open: You’re choosing the best podcasts for 2021

The poll is open: You’re choosing the best podcasts for 2021

The poll is open: You're choosing the best podcasts for 2021

For the fourth year in a row – Geeky readers and readers pick the podcast that made them the year. Who will be the podcast this year? only you decide and it starts here

They accompany you everywhere: in traffic jams, cleaning, running, at the bus stop and when you feel like it – but now, your favorite Israeli podcast needs you. For the fourth year in a row, it’s the time geeky readers pick their favorite podcasts. Last year we saw pretty close results, so trust us when we tell you: Don’t leave your favorite podcast without your vote.

How do you choose this year’s podcast?

In the first step we asked you Offer your favorite competitors On you. At this point you’ve broken previous years’ records and sent almost twice as many bids in half the time as last year’s competition. The most notable podcasts in each category have reached the finals which are just getting started. And this is the moment of truth.

This year you have 15 different categories in which you can find the most popular podcasts in Israel. You can vote only once in each category, but you do not need to vote in all categories. However, please note: Your votes will be entered only after you click on the submit button at the bottom of the page.

you can vote Sunday in the Podcast Contest of the Year 2021, 9.1 at 07:59 pm.

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To maintain the accuracy of the contest and prevent bots from voting, you must be logged in with your Google Account to vote. Voting is anonymous and your email address will not be used. successfully.

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