The PS5 controller is great, but it’s in danger of becoming a gimmick

The PS5 controller is great, but it's in danger of becoming a gimmick

Astro Playroom Is a fantastic game, and the PS5 Dualsense controller is a great example of what the next generation “feels”. Its unique heptic response means you can feel the drop of each individual caravan, hear the tinkling of small robot feet on the glass and use your fingers in the intricate game of marble. Also, the real meaning of wonder about dual sense Astro Playroom To show strength and potential for the coming mass controllers for the involvement of players in the new masses. But without an active commitment to developing games using this technology, the new features of Dual Sense are likely to become an entertaining but meaningless ride.

Results like this would not be without precedent.

When the PS4 launched in 2013, its controller found many similar technologies Dual senseIncluding local speaker, refined sensors and touchpad. Like early PS4 games Infamous: Second son Used these features for innovative mechanics, such as shaking the controller and using it as a spray can for graffiti. Horizon: Zero Dawn The data signal used the controller’s speaker for sound signals. But despite the promising start, the full potential of these mechanics was never realized, and subsequent games saw them abandon the map altogether.

What was set to be promising, game-changing features were gradually forgotten as the PS4 pay generation progressed. The graphics got better, the loading time was faster, but the extra features of the controller remained largely useless.

The PS5 controller is at risk of this same trouble, thanks in part to the lack of PS5 exclusive titles. While many titles currently in development for the console have also started on the latest pay generation PS4, the benefits offered by the dual sense controller are not fully understood. That means PS4 users are missing out on important mechanics, or minimal integration for these new features on the PS5.

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Realistically, the dual sense controller, with rolling ball segments, is able to create new new styles of gameplay. Astro Playroom Using a touchpad are prime examples of this potential. In later areas of the game, you can swing the controller as you swing and climb the vine using the trigger buttons with exaggerated physical activity. As it stands, these mechanics cannot be replicated on the PS4, so CrossGen games will have limited dual sense functionality on the PS5.

But the problem doesn’t stop there: the upcoming Zen Exclusive Games are also having trouble finding use for the PS5 controller’s unique features. Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Originally built for the PS4 generation, but with a bunch of new inclusions optimized for the next generation. One of these, Nero’s sword, is the use of trigger button feedback to charge the Red Queen. But outside of some audio Dio signals delivered by the reviving mechanic and controller, the game is largely identical. The dual sense controller mostly takes a back seat.

Image: Devil May Cry5

It is possible that the future will bring more purpose to the dual sense controller, but at the present time it seems more eccentric than the useful next gen feature. It marks a turning point for more immersive PS5 games but until the title is fully developed for the PS5, we don’t see what the controller can really do.

Astro’s room It’s a great first step but there are still a few years left in the future where dualsense is inseparable to the game, if that happens at all. To really move forward with the next gene, Sony will need to adapt to the fast redundancy of the PS4 controller and work towards integrating the utility of adaptive triggers into haptic feedback and more games.

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With such a small difference between the last generation PS4 console and the next generation PS5 console, there needs to be a more solid point of difference to create a real ‘next generation’ feeling. It is necessary to enhance the realization of the unique gameplay offered by the PS5 Dual Sense controller, but its new features need to be put to good use to make a difference in addition to being just a simple taste.

The PS5 controller is full of potential, but whether it will be realized in this console generation is a question for the future.


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