The robo-taxi loses connection to the server and the drivers are locked out

The robo-taxi loses connection to the server and the drivers are locked out

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nearby Golden Gate Park In San Francisco About 2 weeks ago a strange experience happened: white and orange autonomic Chevrolet Boltby the company cruise The bus stopped when the traffic light turned green. Self-driving cars don’t move a millimeter. Drivers of other cars had to dodge and drive around them in order to proceed. that report wired Quoting Calvin Hu, one of the passengers who witnessed the entire incident.

not the first such incident

Overall, the blockade of autonomous cruise vehicles is likely about 90 minutes are standing. need total 60 vehicles Impressed and just stood on the streets of San Francisco. The reason for this could be that they may have lost the connection to the cruise server. already mid of may the entire cruise fleet stood 20 minutes long quiet. So this was not the first such incident.

At the time, cruise staff were also at a loss as they did not know how to contact robo-cab service passengers as they could not see where the vehicles were on their screens. According to a letter available to Wired, autonomous vehicles should also “regularly” lose contact with servers and cause traffic disruptions.

According to the company, the cars pulled out and activated their warning lights in the May incident. It is said to have been programmed as a mechanism in case of technical problems. Work will also be done to reduce such incidents.

Actually, It Violates California Rules

Cruise is already testing its autonomous vehicles since 2015 On the streets of San Francisco. At that time there were still safety drivers who could intervene in an emergency if something went wrong. since 2020 Autonomous taxis are allowed to ply on roads without a driver. Since the beginning of the year, selected test individuals have been allowed to use cruise robotic taxis Between 10 pm to 6 am drive. However, robotic taxis do not operate in rain and fog.

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If vehicles did indeed lose connection with the company’s servers, and especially with backup security systems, it would violate California Transportation Authority regulations, he says. bryant walkersmith, South Carolina School of Law professor in charge of autonomous vehicles. According to Walker Smith, there should always be “two-way communication” between the occupant and the vehicle operator.

Technically too complicated to see everything

Cruise fleet problems show once again that you can’t pre-test every situation that can happen with autonomous vehicles – and it happens again and again. unexpected events Comes. The fact that cars can drive freely in all conditions is technically very complex at the moment, Also told Futurezone experts Of course, as a occupant, you don’t want to sit inside when the robo-taxi suddenly stops for no reason.


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