The Ryzen 5000 Embedded also offers ten Zen 3 cores: 5950E, 5900E, 5800E and 5600E

5950E, 5900E, 5800E und 5600E: Ryzen 5000 Embedded bietet auch zehn Zen-3-Kerne
Image: AMD

AMD’s four new embedded processors, the Ryzen 5950E, Ryzen 5900E, Ryzen 5800E and Ryzen 5600E, also feature ten Zen 3 CPU cores (“Vermeer”) for the first time and thus the previous embedded processors from the previously known three series V2000, V1000. complement the. and the R1000, which still rely on the Zen and Zen 2 architectures.

Zen 3 enters the embedded space

Taiwanese manufacturer Advantech, which specializes in, among other things, embedded systems and industrial mainboards, has AIMB-522 (PDF) Introduced a new MicroATX mainboard with X570 chipset and Ryzen 5000 Embedded Series CPUs, featuring the following properties.

Advantech AIMB-522 (Source,
  • AMD Ryzen 5000 . Support for
  • Support for AMD Ryzen 5000 Embedded
  • 3200 MT/s DDR4 Memory
  • X570 Chipset and Socket AM4
  • Intel i225LM . to 2×2.5GbE
  • Realtek 8119i . Via 2× 1GbE
  • 8 × USB 3.2 Gen 2

Officer Provides More Information product website of the manufacturer.

Data Sheet of Advantech AIMB-522 for Ryzen 5000 Embedded
Data Sheet of Advantech AIMB-522 for Ryzen 5000 Embedded

Four models with up to twelve Zen 3 cores

While the V2000 series relies on a Zen 2 APU (“Renoir”), the embedded CPUs 5950E, 5900E, 5800E and 5600E use up to twelve Zen 3 cores. AMD Ryzen 5000 Embedded introduces the following CPU models based on the Zen 3 architecture, nearly two years after the introduction of the Ryzen Embedded V2000 product line.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Embedded

AMD itself sees the industrial and infrastructure solutions as well as the network and communications sectors as the primary use cases for AMD Ryzen embedded CPUs and APUs. The manufacturer also offers the same solution in the upper enterprise segment AMD Epic Embedded Feather.

New embedded processors once again discovered by Twitter executives hxl surname @9550proThose who first discovered the product page and shared it via short messaging service.

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