The same will happen to those who reject the terms of the new WhatsApp

The same will happen to those who reject the terms of the new WhatsApp

Shady Awadh

All WhatsApp users will have to risk new policy updates or lose access to the app for the Facebook-owned app by 15 March.

In the middle of next month, WhatsApp will launch an update to its new policy, which will be mandatory for all, allowing it to share data with Facebook. The world’s most popular chatting app, with more than 2 billion users, will start displaying a small rectangular banner, which will appear above the chat list, linked to a change in policy to allow users to send messages to the app Could.

Significantly, Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for about $ 19 billion. In 2018, Jan Kum resigned as CEO of WhatsApp. But he did not specify the reason that prompted him to resign, but the reasons it has been circulated that he has been a sharp-witted with Facebook over the collection of personal data about users and their use for advertising purposes. Enter into controversy. And he wrote in a blog post on the Facebook platform at the time that companies know everything about the user and his friends and what he likes to get ads.

Whatsapp view

WhatsApp indicated, via a blog, that when it announced the changes last month, they were widely misunderstood, making the app a victim of misinformation. They reported that application users believed it was about allowing the parent company, Facebook, to read their messages, resulting in confusion and concerns about privacy among some users. But the app has confirmed that it will never allow it. This policy was to come into force on 8 February. But after people took ownership of other services, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, the date was postponed to 15 March in an effort to clarify the picture, so that its users would not be lost.

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The new terms will help Facebook and WhatsApp share payment and transaction data to help them better target ads, as social giants expand their e-commerce offerings and want to integrate their messaging platforms .

If not approved

Like if you agree to the new terms, WhatsApp explained that you will only be able to receive calls and notifications for a few weeks, but you will not be able to read or send messages from the application. Therefore, there is an important crossroads in the coming times. Will you accept the new terms and share your data with Facebook, or will you switch to other chat applications and do without WhatsApp?


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