The solar system blinded the neighbors: this is the verdict of the court

The solar system blinded the neighbors: this is the verdict of the court
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A lawsuit was filed because a roof-mounted PV system scatters sunlight onto a neighboring property. A district court is now deciding.

Solar modules are sometimes more or less strongly reflective, depending on the coating used. (source: Netzvelt)

  • A couple from Neustadt, Rhineland-Palatinate, have to reconstruct their solar system on the roof.
  • The measure was condemned by the district court of Frankenthal.
  • The background had a dispute with the neighbourhood. Neighboring property owners were blinded for an hour a day.

around The Solar System There is always a fight in the locality. For example, in a particularly obvious case near Munich General security of PV system is at the center of discussion, Now the case before the district court in Frankenthal, which deals with blindness, is different.

one in Press release The District Court reads:

If a photovoltaic system has such a glaring effect on a neighboring residential property that its use is significantly impaired, the neighbor is entitled to eliminate this interference. The 9th Civil Chamber of the Frankenthal District Court has therefore ordered a couple from Neustadt to use appropriate measures to align the photovoltaic system installed on the roof of their house in such a way that the system does not cause any significant glare. is formed. Neighbors’ family home.

LG Frankenthal (Palatinate), Decision of 12 August 2022, Az. 9 O 67/21

it blinds an hour a day

During a site inspection, a court-appointed expert determined that the neighboring property saw direct sunlight from early April to mid-September. This concern is not only but mainly the sensitive roof area of ​​the plaintiff. “The image is almost as bright as the view of the Sun itself,” says the expert.

The court decided that such loss of use of land and house is unacceptable to the plaintiff. The roof cannot be used during the period in question and the household cannot be expected to close the shutters to protect themselves from reflections from the PV system.

The court also sentenced the home owner to take appropriate countermeasures with the PV system to avoid such reflections in future. In addition, the 9th Civil Chamber of the District Court pointed out that there are specially coated solar modules that prevent reflections from occurring. As an alternative to the classic PV system on the roof new types of solar trees,

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