The Vivo X60 Series 5G, with Extreme Night Vision 2.0 feature, captures moments in the dark

The Vivo X60 Series 5G, with Extreme Night Vision 2.0 feature, captures moments in the dark

Reporters of journalists, Hari Dharmavan

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, Jakarta – Vivo Indonesia’s flagship smartphone X60 Series 5G with advanced features Extreme night vision 2.0 Reliable for capturing moments in dark or low light conditions.

Presented by the X60 Series 5G Vivo Smartphone photography with a feature set, which allows mobile lighting lovers to shoot in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

Outstanding features Extreme night vision The X60 Series 5G supports 2.0 users to take pictures even in the dark.

With this feature, X60 Series 5G users do not have to worry about capturing precious moments even in low light environments.

The X50 Series also had previous Xtreme Night Vision features, but the X60 Series extends the capabilities of these features specifically for the Vivo 5G.

Shoot objects in the dark with the Vivo X60 Series 5G.

The X60 Series 5G is supported by Extreme Night Vision 2.0 camera aperture or f / 1.48 aperture to allow more light to enter the lens.

Aperture supports the F / 1.48 artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithm system, which reduces noise or interference, increases ISO increments up to three times, and results are brighter and clearer.

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With this feature, the X60 Series 5G is perfect for capturing every precious moment at all levels.

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The Extreme Night Vision 2.0 feature can be combined with ultra-wide-angle shooting, which widens the photo angle.

Shoot panoramas with the Vivo X60 Series 5G rear camera.


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