There are no more updates for these computers

There are no more updates for these computers

Hardware Requirements Windows 11’s are pretty high. Almost all computers in 2016 or older are unable to officially receive the update. However, circumventing this artificial limitation was not difficult. Official instructions for the same can also be found on the website Microsoft, Countless users have followed the instructions and updated to Windows 11.

First Windows 11 update locks out old hardware

But these official instructions always came with warnings. Future updates cannot be guaranteed with officially unsupported hardware. And the same thing seems to be happening now.

This Wednesday Microsoft released the first major update for Windows 11 released as beta, Final release is planned for autumn. In addition to a number of minor improvements, such as folders in the Start menu and better OneDrive integration, the update eventually locks out older hardware. Many users traveling with older hardware report that they can no longer install the update.

Microsoft locks out old hardware with this message

This means that users of computers whose users are not officially supported are deprived of new functions. Too bad: Essential security updates will only be available until October 2023, without a function update in autumn. After that, new hardware will have to be purchased or a different operating system will have to be switched.

Microsoft: Windows 10 will be supported for even longer

The artificial increase in the hardware requirements of Windows 11 since its release has been a thorn for many users. After all, Windows 11 is hardly different from Windows 10 on a technical level and runs smoothly even on older hardware. I was able to convince myself of this on the 2015 Surface Book. But instead of reserving only certain functions for new devices, such as using Android apps, Microsoft has decided to block older devices altogether.

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Given the uncertain supply of updates for officially unsupported devices, we would recommend these users to stick with Windows 10. The system will be updated by October 2025. Apart from this, many features from Windows 11 come later in Windows 10 as well. These include the new Store or the revamped Xbox app.

For users who have already upgraded to Windows 11, there is currently no easy fix. If the beta fears are confirmed, the downgrade to Windows 10 is due at the latest in a year. However, all data and programs must be backed up and re-uploaded themselves. In addition change Linux or new chrome os flex would be an option.


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