There is said to be “total chaos” at the Tesla factory in Berlin

There is said to be

Elon Musk at the opening of the Tesla factory in Berlin

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Elon Musk No runs yet: At Twitter governance since its acquisition chaotic stateThe Tesla stock have been for months climbing and in the berlin tesla factory should that”total mess“Rule, as put by a Tesla employee.

production target Far away in the German gigafactory, thousands of jobs Still could not be filled and more and more Tesla employees in Germany are drifting away from the company. it has current reported by wired brought to light.

Opening day of the Tesla factory in Gruneheide

At the opening of the Berlin Gigafactory, Tesla CEO Elon Musk still felt like dancing

production target is off

Tesla wanted by the end of the year 12,000 points On location in Berlin-Brandenburg. However, currently only 7,000 employees be closed, the report said.

outspoken personnel Naturally the production of the German Gigafactory was also affected: Musk announced that by the end of the year 5,000 vehicles To week to be produced. but you have the end of october 2,000 models only To Week can build.

poor working condition

will be due to many experienced employees poor working condition Canceled long ago. he is among other things bad management And improper payment Attributed, reports Tesla employees who wish to remain anonymous.

Also the employees are opposing it employment contracts is divided into weekend services and 3-shift system, what to do further sorting have led.

low production in germany

Tesla’s production data indicates that the Gigafactory in Germany is exclusively low output Yes, writes Wired. Accordingly, the Tesla factory produces Shanghai around 20,000 vehicles in 100 days,

in Gigafactory Texas Equal number of vehicles required 151 days, at berlin tesla location 187 days It is necessary to produce 20,000 cars.

Unlike other countries, the Tesla factory in Germany has one particularly fierce competition fight, says the report. Volkswagen Production Facilities and other German automakers, will become necessary better working conditions The offer also attracts frustrated Tesla employees.

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