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There’s never been a smartphone app like this before

There's never been a smartphone app like this before
Samsung is developing an app that shows you how to fix your smartphone yourself. (Image source: Giga)

Samsung is increasingly keen to be recognized as a sustainable company. That’s why Samsung provides software updates to its smartphones for at least 5 years and makes it easy to repair your own devices. In the future, an app should help you do exactly that.

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Samsung developing self-repair wizard

Samsung won’t have one until April 2022 Announces partnership with iFixit, through which owners of faulty Galaxy smartphones can access instructions and spare parts to be able to fix some things themselves. Now Samsung may be going a step further, as it “self repair assistantAn app is planned that will guide you through self-repair on your Galaxy device with detailed instructions. Going by the details, it’s apparently not just about smartphones, but also tablets and smartwatches (source: sammobile,

Ultimately, this means that Samsung will soon introduce its own app with a self-repair assistant. If you feel confident about fixing your Samsung device yourself, Samsung will provide you with not only a replacement part, but also a Detailed instructions via app, In our opinion, this may be the least feasible, especially for battery replacement. With other parts you will have to look at the instructions beforehand to see if you really dare to do the work.

As with the collaboration with iFixit, Samsung should only be providing replacement parts and instructions for certain devices. Over time, however, the selection is likely to increase significantly. However, the exact details are still missing. With the development of the app, Samsung very clearly shows that the company is not just pretending to be superficial. Want to allow self-repair of your devices, But remains really attached to it and wants to improve the process. An app with precise instructions is definitely the right move.

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This is what awaits you on your Samsung phone with Android 13:

When is the new Samsung app coming out?

Samsung has so far only achieved the designation of “Self Repair Assistant”. So, it is not known when this app will be released and how widespread it really is. We’ll keep you up to date.


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