These are the advantages of Garena Free Fire Max game that not many people know

These are the advantages of Garena Free Fire Max game that not many people know

Times-Indonesia, Jakarta – For those of you who love to play mobile games, you must be familiar with one of the games created by Garena developer, which is none other than Free Fire.

A game known as ff or ape app has always attracted the attention of gamers and android game lovers. Moreover, the file size of this Free Fire game is quite small so that almost all Android HP users can easily install it.

However, what you will discuss and discuss on this occasion is not the normal version of the Free Fire game, but FF Max. Well, we are sure that not all players already know all the benefits that Free Fire Max has. So, for those of you who want to know in more detail, please read this post till it gets over, guys.

Garena Free Fire Max is one of those action games that features on better graphics. Big competition with more customizable controls than Free Fire game. Since its inception, the game immediately attracted the attention of many people for playing it.

This one game exists for players who want more quality gameplay. This version of FF Max also has many more exciting game modes, it will surely give satisfaction to anyone who plays it. A variety of things can be done like shoot, hit, tackle and others.

Gameplay Free Fire Max Lebih Seru

The game starts like Free Fire, where there are 50 players who jump into an island or a desert. Later in the Free Fire Max game, you have to beat other players to win the battle royale.

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You can scavenge armor, ammo and artillery against everyone in the game. There is also a fight in which 4 teams face each other. The most complete member will be declared the winner.

You can use different types of weapons as you wish. It’s a good idea to collect items first to fight in the arena. The one who is strongest and most durable will be the best. Another thing in this game is HDR and Ultra HDR graphics which will make Free Fire Max game even more interesting to play.

Free Fire Max game play experience

Anyone who plays this game will definitely be interested as it is designed to be more amazing than FF. With more and more opponents, game modes and default packages, fans of the Free Fire Max game will also enjoy this version of the game.

The gameplay in the game is very useful for those who like this game. Whoever stands on the battlefield till the end will be declared the winner. Of course you also need special skills and strategies to run it effectively.

Advantages and disadvantages of Garena FF Max

It is undeniable that all sports have their advantages and disadvantages. You will get advantages in terms of HDR and Ultra HD graphics. The advantage of Garena Free Fire Max is that it supports FireLink as well, which will surely satisfy its users. With default package from previous game it will make game more exciting.

Apart from the advantages of this game, there are also disadvantages. The file size is clearly larger than the normal Free Fire. For specifications this application uses 2.59.5 version and can be run on Android platform.

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last word

This time this is the information that we can tell FF game lovers about the advantages of Free Fire, so what are you waiting for, for those of you who have never played it, please download it directly through the Play Store download.

Well, we think this review is all about the information about the game. FF Free Fire APK Hope this can be useful and a new insight for readers, thanks.


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