These movies aren’t even available on Netflix: Download over 56,000 VHS cassettes for free

These movies aren't even available on Netflix: Download over 56,000 VHS cassettes for free

Internet Archive: VHS Cassettes for Every Taste

In Internet Archive, you can filter thousands of VHS cassettes according to your needs.

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Long before streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Maxdome, there were DVDs and before that there were VHS cassettes. You can buy them with or without ingredients. With a video recorder, the television could have been recorded on a cassette and, in the worst case, the cassette was accidentally overwritten with the wedding video.

The Internet Archive has now digitally processed many such recorded or commercially available rarities and download provided. These include movies, clips and series that many people remember from childhood. Drawbacks: Content is available almost exclusively in English, and video quality is quite poor due to the analog source only.

Huge Video Collection: How To Download Rare Recordings

if you are our download button Follow, you will find yourself directly on the appropriate website of “”. In the search field you can search for different words – for example title or TV channel. If you enter “Spongebob” here, you will get 133 hits.

For example, if you want to watch the original pilot episode from 1997, simply select the desired recording with a mouse click. In the following window you will now see a video player. Now click on the “Play” icon, start playing the clip. Below the player you will find details and additional information.

If you want to download the recording, you’ll find an information box titled “Download Options” and a link with a blue background to the recording’s corresponding page. Click on “MPEG4” to go directly to the video file in MP4 format and save it with right click.

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