Things to keep in mind while buying a power bank

Things to keep in mind while buying a power bank

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When the battery symbol on a smartphone turns red, you know: it lasts too long mobile phone battery not anymore. This can be a problem when you are traveling. is happy power bank by which disaster can be averted. But which spare battery is right for you your needs, And what should you keep in mind while buying?

these points are buy power bank important:

  • Quality
  • relationship
  • battery capacity
  • loading task
  • additional functions


That 1 euro power bank To be clear from Aliexpress will not last long. several no name brand Rely on equipment purchased from wholesalers. If the goods are not installed correctly, bloat battery, short circuit or, unforeseen but in the worst case, the bank may explode. In the best case, they have worse loading capacity than “only” specified.

should also consider buying extra battery used Do without, because over time the battery doesn’t store as much energy. The charging capacity of lithium-ion cells in a power bank decreases after an average of 300 charging processes about 80 percent, In addition, it increases with the age of the lithium in the battery. short circuit danger,

In general, one should give preference to well-known brands – they do not necessarily have to be expensive, 30 euros. From You get smaller batteries from well-known manufacturers, but banks with larger energy reserves can quickly cost a hundred euros and more.

When buying, you must check it on the packaging CE Mark to European conformance and ideally a GS mark Pay attention to test safety.


Without the right plug, the battery can hold as much power – it’s no use. So you should make sure that the power bank correct connection Offer – This usually requires a port USB-A to Charging Cable And USB-C, For older devices, you should have a suitable USB cable for charging at home.

you should think beforehand how many connections You need: Whether you’re on a power bank Charge multiple devices at the same time want. This is especially practical when traveling when sockets are in short supply – some providers allow them. up to 5 devices load at the same time.

If the bank has to charge multiple devices simultaneously, it load slow, as a tool. However, high quality power banks recognize which connected device can charge faster and share power supply So.

Pass-through charging power banks charge themselves and a device simultaneously. You can identify these by marking “UPS”, abbreviation for uninterruptible power supply. They are also useful when traveling, but not without drawbacks. Both devices charge slowlyas if they were each plugged into an outlet.

battery charging capacity

who is her usage habits Knows, knows how much power he needs from the power bank between different charging cycles. But how do you know how often a power bank charges a cell phone?

Usually enough for a standard user 5,000 to 6,000mAh (milliamps). Most cell phone batteries have a . It happens Charging Capacity 3,000 to 4,500 mAhso extra battery is enough theoretically for one or two charges, In practice, the situation is different: smartphones often carry out battery-intensive background activities while charging – this requires additional mAh. also works heat energy loss, As a result, up to a third of the energy in a power bank is wasted.

If you want to charge the power bank more often without connecting to the mains, you should calculate about 3,000 mAh plus lost energy for each mobile phone charge. This results in the following guideline values:

  • until 10,000 mAh give smartphone load 2.5 times
  • until 20,000 mAh leave it charge 4 to 5 times
  • until 30,000 mAh leave it charge 6 to 8 times

are now power banks Up to 80,000mAh. Although: The stronger the battery, the bigger and heavier it will be.

If you want to know how much battery is left in your power bank, you have to download a . should click on display with percentage display Pay attention to the numbers of the power bank. If you need it less precisely, a battery symbol with an estimated charge indicator or an indicator with 4 flashing dashes, each representing 25 percent battery, is sufficient.

loading speed

You don’t have much time, especially when you’re on the go charge power bank – The time between two flights at the airport or the lunch break at the resting place should be sufficient. Therefore, you must consider how quickly the bank should charge itself and the device. Common power banks have an input that 2 amps can absorb others too 3 amps even more. JayThe higher the amperage, the faster the power bank will charge,

Especially with larger power banks, you should pay attention to how many amps the USB port can handle. Information about amperes is provided on the device, mostly Note I/O . After – Meaning Input and Output,

Many power banks now support it fast charging, power bank at least today 15 watts while charging Accessibility – a mobile phone should allow a little more half an hour to be loaded have higher priced models over 30 watts And charge the current smartphone in about 30 minutes. The device to be charged must be Support quick charge technology. To load the bank fast, in most cases it takes a Power AdapterWhich has fast charging function.

additional functions

Power banks are like swiss army knives – most of the time they have them Multiple Tasks or Gadgets and come in different size, they are now available in credit card size With 2500mAh – Ideal to carry in your wallet. If you don’t like cables, you’ll get a power bank with it wireless chargerWhere you just need to top up your cell phone or wireless headphones with the appropriate wireless charging function.

for campers big battery which supplies electricity to them from the grid solar panels load and sometimes start the car capable. especially for outdoor weather and shockproof model Designed to withstand dust and water. some even have one torch Integrated.

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