This concept design of Windows 10 Explorer is the best you can see, and there is a way to use something similar.

This concept design of Windows 10 Explorer is the best you can see, and there is a way to use something similar.

On genbeta we like to talk The design Application interfaces and operating systems, and if there is one that lends itself a lot to imagine another way and play around with the changes In practice they rarely occur Or very slowly, it is Windows.

There are many The concepts From Design of windows 10 and its applications what do we have? Shared In recent years, and there are a lot of designers have very good ideas. This is a case of reddit user, Jacob, A young designer who has brought a great Windows 10 Explorer concept, which looks great.

There is an application for Windows 10 that looks similar to this concept

Windows 10 Explorer Concept Design – Alur2020

Jakub posted his concept on the subredit Windows 10 And it has been very well received by the community. The image shows nothing outside and outside the lines of the same fluent design language Microsoft promotes so much, but it does not complete the implementation in its own applications.

A cleaner side panel with acrylic transparency, a structure similar to the current one, but with slightly more control for the user, showing “Home”, pinned locations to disk and recent files. In addition to Things we don’t have in Windows 10, but many of us dream, such as the tab in Explorer or the color label.

Files explorer windows 10

Files, optional Windows 10 Explorer

Some of you may have thought of a definite application upon seeing this concept immediately: in Files, a Alternative browser for Windows 10 with modern design and tabbed browsing.

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We have talked a lot about files in Genbeta, from its inception to its The current situation that is improving more and more To stand as a true choice for users.

Files design is similar to this concept, and if you want to enjoy something like this, then you have to download it for free. Microsoft store. Interestingly, the creators of this concept know many developers of files and they are her friends.


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