This Is Google X’s New Secret Project

This Is Google X's New Secret Project

The project, codenamed Pitchfork, could have far-reaching implications for software development and programmers.

Google has started a new secret project, the computer program with the help of machine learning want to teach myself the code to write and modify and thereby update itself, Business Insider Report,

This project is part of a larger initiative in the area generative artificial intelligence, It is said that algorithms should generate images, videos, codes, and more.

codename “pitchfork”

The project was started under the code name “pitch fork”“In progress, in the research department XGoogle Guardian Alphabet, Over the summer, it was assigned to Google’s Labs group, effectively upgrading it.

Pitchfork aims to learn programming styles and develop new ones based on what it learns, according to internal materials seen by Business Insider, the report said.

The original work included the code base of Google’s programming language Python To modernize. A person familiar with the situation told Business Insider that the idea was to find a way to move from one version to another without hiring programmers.

not alone

Google isn’t the only tech company using artificial intelligence to develop software. githubfrom that Microsoft was bought, had already launched a device called co pilot, which gives suggestions to the developers while working on the software. Google is also working on a similar tool.

However, Github is already struggling with its Co-Pilot. earlier this month a class action accused the company of “software piracy on an unprecedented scale” by repurposing open source code using artificial intelligence.


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