This is how you can have less than 15GB in your Google Account

This is how you can have less than 15GB in your Google Account

If you sign up for a Google account, you’ll get 15GB of free space, which is shared between the three main different products.

Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. Once you cross this limit, you’ll need to sign up for the paid Google One package, which will cost you €1.99 per 100GB.

Since you know how to make the most of free space and don’t have hundreds of files to store in the cloud, you can easily stay within this free limit of 15GB. The steps to do this are slightly different between Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. To see how much space you use between these services, you can do so through this link.

It’s worth noting that if you go over the 15GB limit, your files won’t disappear, you just won’t be able to add new ones. Google also states that you won’t be able to receive emails in Gmail. In short, you’ll either have to free up some space or pay for a Google One package.

The second page details the steps you follow for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos and what happens if you run out of storage on all three services.


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