this is how you get gifts

Flaggen vor Telekom-Zentrale.

German Telecom Not exactly known for being a bargain seller. even tariffs magentamobile The XS with 5 GB of data volume usually costs 35 euros. In the traditional tariffs of the Magenta provider you get 10, 20 or 40 GB for 40, 50 or 60 euros. If you want unlimited data amounts, it’s just under 85 Euros. However, sometimes Telecom Generous. So the regular 500MB data volume is free for a month. And this gift is now properly carved.

100 GB free: Telecom gives Christmas gift

500 MB will be 100 GB in December. This means that even heavy users will be able to get by December smoothly. But how do you get the data volume? It is clear that you have to be a telecom customer with a fixed term contract. trade tariffs and net data plans Will probably be rejected again. In addition, some entry-level tariffs may have been excluded and very old tariffs, i.e. tariffs from before 2011, may not have been taken into account.

If anyway you get 500MB data volume per month, you don’t need to tinker much with the campaign. Because the booking process will certainly be the same as that used for telecom customers. All those who are not familiar with this campaign should download the MeinMagenta app. If it is installed on the smartphone, started and you are logged in, you can make bookings under your contracts. After that it costs 0 Euro and you will receive a confirmation via SMS that you are now surfing on the specified data volume. Apropos, this data volume is used first and only then your normal data depot is touched.

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Alternatively, you can also log in to your Telecom account through desktop and make bookings there. Booking through the app is less complicated. Especially if you want quick and easy access to monthly promotions in the new year.

Booking is for a limited time only

It is important that you do not miss the booking period. This campaign is valid for the whole of December, but according to Telecom, you can book the data gift only from December 1 to December 7. Enough time to install the MeinMagenta app. Also important: Unused data amounts expire at the end of the year. Hence you cannot bunker the data package.


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