This is what brings you a whole new update to Netflix – Multimedia

This is what brings you a whole new update to Netflix - Multimedia

With action music, ears hurt and a whispered conversation could hardly be heard – it should end up on streaming app Netflix soon.

Netflix Soon improves the series and movies with a new update. The streaming service provider has announced a major update to the Android app. On one hand, it should shorten the buffer time and, on the other hand, improve sound. In particular, the app’s content intelligibility improves in noisy environments. In addition, voice is better suited to the mobile connection of the device used.

What update brings you

This is made possible by a technique called xHE-AAC. This reduces the difference between loud and quiet parts in the video. A whisper makes more sense, the loud music is a bit muted. The update is available for devices with Android 9 or higher. For iPhones, xHE-AAC is supported since iOS 13 in 2019. The update will be available for download from the Play Store as soon as it becomes available.

How to get update

To update, open the app for the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Then you tap on the menu symbol with three horizontal lines in the top left. Then select “My Apps and Games” and find the Netflix application from the list of applications. With one tap on the “update” field you will get your update. If you have not yet installed Netflix, you will automatically get the latest version from the Play Store as soon as you download.

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