This is what first testers say about the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro

This is what first testers say about the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro


Apple did this about a week ago iPhone 14 Line Up Presented. are now first test report from usa Out there who take a closer look at the new Apple devices. Reviews vary greatly depending on the model.

As a reminder, Apple has a total of 4 models Presented:

  • iphone 14 with 6.1 inches
  • iphone 14 plus 6.7 in. with
  • iphone 14 pro with 6.1 inches
  • iphone 14 pro max 6.7 in. with

it was tested iphone 14 along with that he iphone 14 pro, Brief conclusion: While enthusiasm for the iPhone 14 is low, many of the features of the iPhone 14 Pro are quite good upon closer inspection.

What testers say about the iPhone 14

Overall, the iPhone 14 is described as a “solid smartphone,” but some reviewers view the upgrade as a payoff. C. of the following Engadget heads his review with the fact that it “no upgrade yearTo be. From their point of view, switching from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 is not worth it, but a switch would only be worth a iphone 11 Meaningful on iPhone 14.

Allison Johnson Takes a Similar Line ledge in his review. “The iPhone 14 is good. You probably shouldn’t buy an iPhone 14,” he says. What seems like a contradiction isn’t it: From her point of view, the iPhone 14 is a great device, but she doesn’t think you’ll have to switch it up. either.

she positively evaluates it best selfie camera And this better battery performance, Regarding the battery on the iPhone 14, the tech journalist says that after three to four hours of actively controlling the screen on the iPhone 14, she ended up with 40 to 50 percent battery power. However, she can’t say directly whether it’s “much higher” than the iPhone 13. What matters to him is that “it’s enough for most people to last the whole day and that’s it.” What matters in the end.”

It finds the SOS satellite function “nice”, although it will not work in Europe at the moment. He feels that Apple’s branding of the iPhone 14 is bad. The upgrade will simply be labeled “”.iphone 13sTo justify. Another point of criticism is that the screen resolution of 60 Hz is not improved.

that in the United States now you can only use a é SIM Passing is not good for them either. The journalist said that it would probably be very painful for some. To clarify: in addition to eSIM, European iPhone models still have a SIM card slot, which is why you should make sure when ordering that you have never delivered goods imported from the USA.

What testers say about the iPhone 14 Pro

Reviews of the iPhone 14 Pro are a bit mixed. wired—journalist Julian Chokkattu writes, for example, that he thinks the upgrade is “not dramatic”. That rewards 7 out of 10 possible points. In his view, camera upgrades aren’t as great as Apple is making them. He finds other new features like “always-on display” “fun”.

examiner from Engadget praises always on mode The performance, on the other hand, is exceptionally strong. What does Always On mean? Notifications and wallpapers are displayed permanently without activating iPhone 14 Pro. However, this only happens on request. According to test reports, you can do this even though energy savings are currently being asked in many places, as the Active Screen hardly uses any extra battery.

words of screen: The new Pro model also gets a revised and improved OLED screen surrounded by a narrower bezel. Apple specifies brightness 1600 nits Feather. peak brightness is even 2000 nits, The iPhone 14 Pro beats all other smartphone displays – at least on paper. It has also been well received by testers overall.

Dynamic Island is generally well received

Stan Schroeder is really excited Mashable Another feature reserved for the Pro and Plus models: dynamic island, He finds the new feature “really cool,” as he wrote in his test report. But what is it really? with new Pro Model iphone 14 The iconic bar notch was retired. The shortened indentation was replaced by an extended recess – originally a normal camera holeWhich hides the selfie camera and sensor for Face ID.

Although Apple has managed it display cutout to actually stage it and take them with you additional functions Equipped. Schroeder is very excited about the feature, but also criticizes that in practice you can find your front camera too blurry as you tap around with your finger to operate the feature. Moreover, it can also be forgotten over time and can be interesting in the beginning, hence the fear.

Go to Camera Upgrade

Overall, the new camera features were also mentioned positively by some testers. While the Wired journalist was not enthusiastic, Schroeder is even more so. The Pro model has an additional lens with 3x optical zoom. determination of main camera it’s done 12 to 48 mp. until Tied up This also sensor size 65 percent increase over the previous model.

Of TechCrunch-Journalist Matthew Panzarino in his review Detailed comparison photos are attached. In addition to the photo functions, he especially admires purple version of the iPhone 14 Pro, which is his favorite color among all the new iPhones.

Conclusion: Mixed. good but not exceptionally good

Overall, the reviews are mixed: the new iPhones 14 and 14 Pro are good, but apparently not the sensation that was expected from the new iPhone generation. One of the testers also wrote that someone was already using Upgrade to iOS 16, Which is available for all iPhones like iPhone 8, there is a feeling of having a completely new device in your hands and hence it is worth switching to the new software instead of switching to the new device directly.

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