This is why the lights were seen in CDMX during the 7.1 earthquake

This is why the lights were seen in CDMX during the 7.1 earthquake

after a strong earthquake 7.1 This surprised the citizens of the capital, with netizens speculating with theories about supernatural phenomena, as colored lights appear in the sky during the Telluric movement, when the explanation is actually much simpler.

Actually, there can be two reasons for this. blue and red glow, or orangutans that were seen during the earthquake and which were captured in various videos that can be viewed on social networks.

This, which coincides with power shortages in various areas of the nation’s capital, is caused by high-voltage cables colliding in different parts of the city, creating flashes.

Whereas the other, more on the scientific side, is triboluminescence, similar to the explanation of lightning, but it refers to the collision of particles present in the Earth’s crust and produce these effects when they impact each other. electromagnetic field also known as “earthquake lights

This theory suggests that the crystals of some rocks in the Earth’s crust, such as basalt, have defects that, upon collision with others, release the electrical charges that they had encapsulated, along with the energy released during earthquakes. come out. removed toward the sky, where they are appreciated as flashes, although they are not so common during tremors.

About the allure of risk

Even these lights were captured in a triple terrifying video, because if glare scares you, and earthquakes affect you, imagine the vibrations catching you in the middle. cablebus.

Well, according to the video, it was the turn of many residents of the capital, because after the seismic alert was activated, the transport system activated the attention protocol and evacuated the cabins, but in the recording you can see how one of them was saved from Suspended In the middle of nowhere, and although they have insurance so they don’t fall, it shakes a lot.

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In this regard, the Ministry of Mobility (Semolina) reported that there was a power supply failure in the area of ​​the Line 2 loop at Iztapalapa, which was resolved after 10:00 pm.

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Subsequently, Semovie’s owner, Andrés Lajos, indicated that he was at the station. Constitution of 1917, the terminal of the line, and that it was ejected at 100% After the establishment of power, while the evacuation of people in the stations continued, from Xalapa to the Constitución de 1917.


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