This mobile application allows users to communicate with just a wink

This mobile application allows users to communicate with just a wink

Google has unveiled a new mobile app aimed at users with disabilities who suffer from speech and motor disabilities. “Loo to Speak” allows them to choose words and sentences that are spoken aloud digitally, using only their eyes.

Speak Lou View expands the communication tools available to physically handicapped web users with a tool that gives them the ability to exchange messages through their smartphone using their eye movements. Eye movements allow users to select suggested words and expressions in context. Thanks to artificial intelligence, mostly machine learning, the user experience is automatically enhanced over time.

A detailed user guide, published by Google, explains how to set it up. It gives users details on how to position the device as well as instructions for eye gestures and gaze. For example, “must look left, right and up all the way so that the application can intentionally register the gaze.” Preloaded generic sentences can also be prepared for more personal communication. When a sentence is selected, the automated voice system reads it aloud.

Look to Speak is a free app to download on Google Play (Android). With such applications, Google wants to give new technologies a giveaway to people who have been removed from them, to help them communicate more easily with others.

Watch to speak in the video:

– AFP RelaxNews

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