Three magenta and A1 at 5G speeds. far ahead of

 Three magenta and A1 at 5G speeds.  far ahead of

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Anyone who wants to test connection speed on a smartphone has almost certainly stumbled upon and related apps. Ookla operates the equipment and thus exceeds 96,000 5G speed tests in Austria rated.

In Detailed analysis for first half of 2022 This was used to find out which Austrian mobile phone provider has the fastest 5G network. According to Ookla, it could be three Strong for the third time in a row.

Accordingly, Drei offers average 5G download speeds across the country 267.86 Mbps, In Vienna, the mobile operator introduced the . Average download rate achieved of 286.34 Mbps, In second place is Magenta with 173.37 Mbps.

Average 5G download speed across Austria

  1. three: 267.86 Mbps
  2. Magenta: 161.10Mbps
  3. A1: 123.35 Mbps

5G speed test evaluation by Ookla, Austria / first half of 2022

upload and latency

on average 5G Upload Speed lie though magenta first place with 28.17 Mbps, three comes 22.26 Mbps And A1 Feather 20.99 Mbps, In Delay A1 takes the first place with 19ms. Three to 20ms, Magenta to 24ms.

Ookla has lumped all these values ​​together into a so-called Speed ​​Score. so three come into one speed score From 217.28, It is followed by Magenta with a speed score of 137.25. A1 comes in third place with 109.48.

Smartphones in Austrian 5G Network

What’s also interesting about Ookla Analytics is that list of smartphonesThose who transmit in 5G network or have done speed tests with Ookla app. so it will be iphone 13 To along with that he iphone 13 pro max Most commonly used in Austrian 5G networks.

iPhones dominate the other ranks as well, namely iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12, Smartphones from other manufacturers are not even in the top 5.

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