Ticket OK launches advanced application for Microsoft Surface Duo Tech / Gadgets

 Ticket OK launches advanced application for Microsoft Surface Duo Tech / Gadgets
Advanced ticket ok application for Surface Duo of Micro .ft. Available through the Google Play Store in – Image courtesy of Micros.ft by AFP-RelaxNews

REIDMUND, Dec 17 – Micro .ft and Ticket are joining forces. The Chinese social network has launched an enhanced version of its app that corresponds to MicroSt .’s new Surface Duo smartphone, which is now available in the US. Is in and coming to Canada, the UK, Germany and France in early 2021.

Could there be a better way to reach customers who may not have access to a video sharing platform?

“We are excited to share that Ticket OK has released an advanced application that brings completely new experiences that illuminate the surface duo,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

The most downloaded app of 2020 draws on the design of the Surface Duo, the new smartphone from Micro .ft to use its two screens.

“Timing optimized for two screens, at the same time you can find videos customized for you while exploring related hashtags, latest trends and more.”

Now the U.S. In, the Advanced Ticket OK app for Surface Duo lets users view the “for you” feed on one screen while searching for videos on another screen. Encouraged by worldwide stay-at-home orders to stem the spread of Cokeid-19 – and given the huge success of ticket boom booming in 2020, it’s an important partnership for both companies.

Prior to the ticket ok, Amazon Kindle and Spotify expanded their apps on the Surface Duo for a better user experience, explains MicroSt. Note that a few months ago, after the US government threatened to ban Chinese social networks in the US, micro. Tried to buy operation.

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Microsoft also announced that the Surface Duo smartphone will launch in Canada, the UK, Germany and France in early 2021, although the firm has not given an exact release date. – AFP-RelaxNews


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