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Today I offer you the Windows 11 license, tomorrow Core i9-12900K . review of

Windows 11 x Intel Alder Lake

Today we are returning with the license of Windows 10 (that you can upgrade to Windows 11) save yourself TPM 2.0 modules, go to jail for using pirated software or whoever knows to save some euros; And thanks to the offer from the Microsoft Office suite UCDKeys, and is that teleworking and studying from home have already become the daily bread, so nothing is better than keeping our desktop or laptop computers running with the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. At a low cost and without a trigger that leaves a back door open on your system.

Final prices may be slightly lower/higher than the prices shown Due to dollar/euro change at the time of purchase.

You can buy the following products with 50% off using the code: pp 50

despite having a license OEM, you have to remember that they are Completely Legal and Backed by Microsoft itself, even allowing its use on more than one occasion on the same computer, unless we change the motherboard. We remember that if you have an incident, you can send us an email (in contact) to resolve it, but we always recommend the first Use the official support of the store or its online support chat. You assist in the maintenance of this website with the purchase of a license.

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