“Too Much Trouble”: Some Car Washes Denied Entry to Teslas

cars of Tesla It is considered the best in this area, at least in some areas that are particularly important for electric vehicles, especially efficiency. But Model S & Co has its peculiarities too, yes quirks—and so it’s not allowed in some car washes.

In contrast, Teslas are not cheap. So anyone who owns a Model 3, S, X or Y will also take special care of their car. And sometimes you have to, because otherwise you risk losing the warranty. In particular, it is about the use of car washes.

Because Tesla (Model 3) writes in the user manual that Tesla owners can only use a “contactless car wash”. These are systems that do not have parts such as brushes that touch the surface of the vehicle. If you don’t take this into account, you have to expect that the guarantee won’t apply in the event of damage, the manufacturer continues.

flaps can open

The problem here isn’t paint damage or similar, but loading and tailgates. Because these can open due to sensors in the car wash and that is why some gas stations in the Oldenburg district deny Tesla entry. like the local newspaper NWZ Reported (via) t3n), the operating company Raiffeisen Hatten-Huntlossen has instructed its gas stations to do so.

Reason: The electric carmaker had “too much trouble” with its vehicles, with the move also seeking to “presume any claim for damages”, as managing director Wilfred Kniper explains. However, the ban is only temporary, this restriction should be lifted as soon as all Teslas have a special car wash mode.

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Because Tesla clearly knows this is a problem. The Model 3 and Model Y already have a special car wash mode that prevents unwanted openings in such cases, but the Model S and Model X don’t yet have it—which is probably a matter of software or updates.

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