Top 3 Trends Technologies in 2022 for Automation and Earnings

As you look back at the technology trends over the past few decades, you’ll see the many significant changes. What’s interesting about this is the increasing speed that these trends occur in Finland and the globe. These massive technology transformations quickly shape how casinos run. Additionally, parhaat casinobonukset use innovative technology to provide fantastic gambling experiences.

With the help of our expert, Auli Wälkky, we’ll discuss the top three 2022 technology trends. We expect all of these to have a significant impact on iGaming technology for many years to come.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is the digital network of devices connected by the internet. These machines use software and sensors to exchange information with other machines. For instance, consider smart home devices such as fridges, TVs, sound systems, alarms, lights, and more. Users can control several aspects of their homes with one remote or their mobile phone. 

This trend has also started to work its way into the online gambling world from Finland to the UK, and the Americas. Casinos that use this technology give online gamblers the chance to play against people at a land-based location. All that’s needed is an internet connection to link players from around the world.

In addition, IoT increases the amount of user analytic data so that gambling operators can offer more personalization opportunities. Sites will look at how individuals play across connected devices, allowing the casino to make custom spaced for users. This technology will change how platforms provide services.

Punters can deposit, withdraw, place bets, and check odds on all linked machines. Everything this trend can do will provide players with a state of the art gambling experience. 

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There are multiple ways that the latest robotics technology trends can replace humans in the online gambling industry. One way is that a punter can make a robot be a virtual player during a casino game. Unlike a human, this digital player doesn’t need breaks and will play for as long as the gambler wants. 

Even though many Finns enjoy gambling because of the excitement of using their skill and wit against other players, some don’t like it. These gamblers would be thrilled to use bots since these machines can’t feel the excitement. However, casinos forbid players from using bots to play for them to prevent an unfair advantage.

Another way online casinos can incorporate robots is as a dealer. Using this machine not only provides players with the chance to gamble as long as they want. In addition, there’s no need for the bot to stop for breaks or use health and safety protection, so there is continuous play. For this reason, many casinos are implementing robot dealers to allow them to make more money through constant games and save money.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a future technology trend that many industries want to use to improve their field. For example, in the iGaming industry, many casinos use AI in several different ways. The first to detect and prevent problematic gambling behaviour among its users. This technology uses machine learning to recognize patterns and notifies the operator. Then, the platform will be able to offer the player support before a gambling addiction becomes disastrous. 

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Another way casinos use AI is to collect data to provide users with promotional offers that interest them. This tech can flawlessly make predictions; however, there are some drawbacks. For example, at an unreliable site, gambling operators might use this trend to get players to spend an unhealthy amount of time on the site. 

Over the past few years, around 78% have started implementing or plan on applying AI to their sites. As the technology develops, online casinos will find new ways to improve the way customers gamble. 


As the online gambling industry grows, it only benefits casinos to implement current technology trends into their plans. Investing in innovative tech will help them meet the challenges and demands of players. Overall, these trends will help casinos grow faster and be more successful without sacrificing performance.


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