Towards IIT final exam!

Towards IIT final exam!

The long-awaited JEE-Advanced-2021 schedule has been released. It is an entrance exam for engineering courses in reputed IITs. Last year IIT-Delhi conducted the exam on September 27. This year IIT-Kharagpur will conduct the exam on October 3. Let’s know the plan to get a better rank in this exam!

J.It is learned that the final schedule of EE-Main-2021 will be held between August 26 and September 2. Students who have completed the fourth installment of JEE-Main exam have one month to appear for JEE-Advanced exam. Though there is no change in JEE-Advanced examination system, in view of the upcoming fourth installment of JEE-Mains, the revision should be expedited towards securing maximum marks in JEE-Advanced examination.

IIT-Kharagpur has previously conducted this exam in 2006 and 2014 also. The reason to remember this is that understanding the style of question papers of 2006 and 2014 will help you improve your preparation! Best results in JEE-Advanced-2021 can be achieved by following the instructions given by the practical plan.

40 day plan

M.If the allotted time for exams like SET is deducted then 40 days are left for JEE Advanced. Divide this period into 4 parts and set a duration of 10 days for each part. Part-A, B, C, D… Allocate ten days for each part.

Maths, Physics, Chemistry.. Allocate at least 3 hours for each subject. This means that each subject in Part-A gets at least 30 hours.

Focus on Algebra with Permutations and Combinations, Probability and Complex Numbers, Vectors, 3D in the first 7 days of Maths preparation of 3 hours.

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The above three chapters are of great importance in JEE-Advanced. At least 50 percent of these questions come. Revision should be done once in the last three days and a mock test should be written. In the last three days the focus is on getting the questions of the last 40 years old questionnaire from the above chapters.

Focus on Optics, Waves, Thermodynamics and Thermodynamics during the first 7 days i.e. 21 hours of Physics preparation. Of these, 25 percent are likely to be asked questions. Practice 40 year old question papers and write mock tests in the last three days i.e. 9 hours.

Inorganic chemistry (Inorganic chemistry) should be practiced for 21 hours during the first 7 days of chemistry preparation. Increase awareness of questions from the old questionnaire in the last three days. About 30 percent questions are likely to come from these. Don’t forget to write MAC tests.

Like Part B..
This time focus on Calculus in Part-A as well as Part-A. There is a probability of getting at least 40% questions. Allocate the first 21 hours for this as mentioned above and focus on getting the questions in the last 9 hours old questionnaire. It is necessary to write MAC test in the last three days.

The first 12 hours in physics focus on rotational dynamics in mechanics, then the remaining 12 hours on mechanics. Rest of the time show passion for practicing 40 years old question papers. Don’t forget to write MacTest as usual. Of these, 30% are likely to come from questions.

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In case of chemistry, this time give first 7 days i.e. 21 hours on physical chemistry. Out of this, 35 percent questions come. Last three days i.e. 9 hours is spent practicing questions in old question papers and writing MAC tests.

part-c thing
Like Part-A and Part-B, the first 7 days in each subject should be allotted for 21 hours. However, in mathematics, pay attention to coordinate geometry and trigonometry. 20% of these questions are expected. Prepare the entire Electricity chapter in Physics, Electro Magnetic Induction along with the planned AC circuits in the first 21 hours. In addition, modern physics is important. Because the probability of getting 45% questions is very high. Focus on organic chemistry (organic chemistry) in chemistry. Out of this 35% questions can come. Last 9 hours i.e. 3 days are required to practice 40 year old questions in each topic and write mock tests.

Original Part-D

IJEE-Advanced got more time than Divarkati. From now on practice your complete preparation in the form of questions. It is a good idea to practice on paper for at least an hour until 20 to 25 different questions are answered.

The first principle of success in competitive exams is ‘writing without knowing what is wrong’! If there is commitment and clarity in preparation and no question comes to is not just for you..remember it will be same for everyone. In such a situation, except that question, focus should be on something else. No matter how much time you waste.

In the last ten days…

The last 10 days of Part-D are also very important. Be careful not to let your personal weaknesses affect the instrument at this point.

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1 Increase awareness on important topics especially in Physics and Chemistry in NCERT books. Go through the old questionnaires to see what type of questions are being asked on them so far and focus on those level of questions.

2 Practice the Grand Test on the entire syllabus during Paper-I from 9 AM to 12 PM and Paper-II from 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM, which is the same as the original JEE-Advanced time schedule for the day.

3 Practice questions of integer type (numeric values).

4 Focus on basic equations and formulas in mathematics.

5 Don’t forget to practice the mixed concepts in each subject.

6 It is important to re-practice after the grand exam to see if there have been any mistakes.

7 It is natural to make small mistakes. But don’t make it a habit.

8 It doesn’t matter how many questions we ask. It is important to know how much we have done.

9 Read the answer to each question carefully and select the correct answer.

10 The results are determined by the total marks of the two papers. Make sure that one paper does not affect the other.


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