Trick to Forward WhatsApp Messages Without Saying “Forward”

Trick to Forward WhatsApp Messages Without Saying

WhatsApp It keeps a back door among its most used functions to avoid any kind of complications or leave a mark. Basically, it’s about Possibility to forward messages without application showing it like this.

Messenger users are used to receiving a curious message, a meme, a photography Or a viral video they want to share with their entire contact list. But there is a downside. If someone makes multiple shipments, whatsapp add a tag Indicates that someone has already done it in another chat or group.

WhatsApp should have presented this way Unite viral content indirectly. and, incidentally, make it easy to identify whether it is fake news (fake news) Or a chain hoax that was common in 2018.

Following the forwarding alert, WhatsApp launched another measure that fights viral chains and fake news.

Messenger after this update Forwarding limited to 5 contacts At the same time—or conversations—at the most, try to reduce spam through the app.

However, users have a trick that Makes it easy to share content In all the groups he wants and without leaving a trace.

how to forward whatsapp message

In chat or group user just need to press button resend Which appears next to any WhatsApp message. that button or arrow is very visible. You can click on a message until you see the contextual menu.

Once the forward function is selected, you will choose the recipient, which can be an individual chat or a WhatsApp group. finally you have to press the button to present or to show And yay. This applies to messages, multimedia files, locations, contacts.

now this whatsapp trick works Get Around the “Forwarded Multiple Times” Tag. This basically involves using an alternate route within the messaging app: the button. share.

this option message forwarding looks like, since it allows to send any WhatsApp element to other applications: messages, photos, videos, audios, locations, files. And that’s not all: it works whatsapp to whatsapp.

With photos, videos and files, this WhatsApp trick isn’t too complicated. However, the option may not be visible share With a text message or link. In that case, you just have to do select material Click on it and then click on Copy. Once done, simply go to the destination conversation and paste that message.

holiday mode

WhatsApp started deploying New settings for archived chats, a function that allows you to hide and mute conversations with a person or group from the main list, and which basically Called “Vacation Mode”.

as of last update Android You Apple iOS, the company started introducing this new section, the ‘Archived’ folder on the chat page, where you can Save conversations you don’t want to appear in the main list.

With this the user can prioritize conversations and avoid interruptions in less important conversations, as it also disables notifications.

The company explained that user archived chats will be placed in this folder when new messages are received, i.e., Won’t go to main chat list, an option available with the new settings that you have enabled with the feature.

Archived chats will be saved until the user decides to manually unarchive the conversation, and only then can they return to the main conversation list.

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