Tricks and Functions for the iPhone You Don’t Know: They Will Change Your Life

Tricks and Functions for the iPhone You Don't Know: They Will Change Your Life

Some of the iPhone’s features and some tricks are unknown to many. Let’s try to analyze them and know in detail what they are.

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The telephony galaxy always impresses us with the cheaper goods we offer. For this, Knowing the functions and tricks of the iPhone helps to fully understand the extraordinary development made by the programmer.

What manufacturers of cutting-edge technologies are trying to do is to anticipate buyers’ needs. For now, knowing your mobile phone in-depth helps you to make changes to the resources available to it for daily activities.

Greater flexibility with iPhone tricks and functions

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There are 10 activities that your Apple tool can do and many are unaware of. The iPhone functions and tricks we are going to analyze are activated through simple movements.

These tricks will not let you stop expecting new features. Generally, The speed of the design update will bring further improvements to the Iphone. This goes hand-in-hand with the difficult availability of information related to these new activities.

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10 tricks that will help improve your everyday life

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In particular, there are: Music timer, Set hours and minutes from the timer> on stop> stop playback; Personal vibration, Then the desired contact and vibration fields on the contact> Custom; Light notifications, Settings> General> Accessibility; Shakera to erase mistakes, “Shekerando” writes anew; RAM cleaning in 10 seconds; Long press the power key, then press the home key; Empty the cache, Click 10 times on one of the buttons in the App Store; Message timetable, switch next to iMessage messages; Tossistenza wi-fiFrom Settings> Cellular> Wi-Fi Support; Reset iphone, The power and home buttons pressed for 10 seconds; Night shift and energy saving, Ask Settings> Battery and Siri Night Shift.


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